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A train Journey

A train journey always fascinates me,  This journey I took to visit Agra a city  of medieval architectural importance. This exciting visit ended and boarded the train back to Delhi resting on the window of train I captured the moments

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Yes ! i am bacK…!!!

Yes I am back to my blog after a long breakkK I misssed it a lot Not a lot but a few things have changed all around me during this time. First of all I got a new work place, it

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Hare and Tortoise! A More Wiser Fable

I hope, most of us remember the Aesop’s fable of Hare and tortoise, it was our first encounter with word race, it is told in the story a Hare challenged a tortoise to race, race started, Hare advanced well and

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Let me introduce myself to you!

 I am Ahsan. I live in Delhi. I have completed my Post graduate studies about a year ago.  I chose to build my career in Pharmaceuticals, so I am a Pharmacist by profession. Currently I am working with a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer which

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