Yes ! i am bacK…!!!

Yes I am back to my blog after a long breakkK

I misssed it a lot

Not a lot but a few things have changed all around me during this time.

First of all I got a new work place, it looks a normal thing when people work they change their jobs and hunt for a new job whatever may be the reason. My experience of changing job at the beginning it was quite exciting 🙂 there was excitement of going to new place lot of new people, new niche… new….. blah blah…..


But that feeling subsided slowly that feeling which was on first day is replaced by routine , even a tinge of it not left,  as if colourful photograph turned to sepia.

Don’t worry it is normal psychology that when we get something new say a new hot phone, bike, or car for sake any thing  you wish to have on first day it will always feel better  and happy than rest of days slowly slowly that feeling become less and less as day pass by.

But it doesn’t mean you stop valuing things you posses and caring for them. It is true for everything your passion, work, relationships, and any thing you think important. Keep refreshing them for keep going.

Meanwhile I wanted to read a book but couldn’t wanted   to join a language course,surely I will ensure that I will make it…..

also 1 thing to be regular in posting on this blog of mine ..keeping it alive.

Waiting to hear what you did..all these days.


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