5 Facts About Your Brain


1. You are busy doing something sitting on a chair, suddenly a tiny ant weighing just 0.004 grams start exploring your  leg down at your toes and you know it instantly,  nerve impulses or  electrical signals from your toe to brain travels at speed of about 170 miles per hour as fast  as formula 1 car.

2. When there is power cut just don’t sit in dark use your brain! Your Brain operates on power enough to light a 10 watt bulb.

3. Some estimates put your brain’s storage capacity between 500 to 1000 terabytes which will make any of your Hard disks and latest gadgets shy. The National Archives of Britain which has records of over 900 years of History takes up only 70 terabytes.

4.  Let me ask you one question. Do you Dream more?  If your answer is yes then you may be having higher I.Q. But I bet you will not be tell what you dreamt last weekend because at least 95% of all dreams are not remembered unless you keep a dream journal.

5.  It is time to rest for your computer when you turn off, the processor is dead doing no calculation and tasks, it is off  means off, but it is not true for your brain if you think you are sleeping so is your brain then opposite is true. But the brain is still on hard work more than that during day time.

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