Living Daily 60 Minutes More

60 min“I didn’t get the time to call you”

 “Who has time to clean the living room” I hope you have heard and felt that.

After a day’s work it is probably few hours that are left spare in one’s hand.  The more one wants to keep hold of the time the faster it races away leaving you behind with your longer and longer pending to do lists. No matter how well we are at managing our tasks and time, a day will be short for us to get all our tasks done. I wish a day have one more hour, an extra 60 minutes.

Sadly! The fact is that whatever we may wish and do, we can have only 24 hours in a day. But one can surely claim an extra hour and live life 60 minutes more. It just involves a little thinking, planning, and tracking our activities for a few days (or a week) to find out where we are losing our time and hoe it can be avoided.

It is fun to spend that extra hour as discovering how to claim it. Exercising, sleeping, reading a book, walking, gardening, learning a new skill or a language, are few amongst a lot of choices.  Everyone has its own way to relax and rejuvenate.

I have enlisted few things which can help you grab your 25th Hour:

1. Checking e-mails too often, Sticking to Facebook wall, engaging too much on social network, playing games on computer are no. 1 time wasters use technology wisely, make some rules for using them, like check your mails at scheduled time assign the time to be given for each activity.

2. No Multitasking: It is an illusion, we may think it is time saver but opposite is true, it is more than time waster. Focus on one task at a time, finish it then move to next task.  Multi tasking result in distraction which causes error hence more time to correct it.

3. Plan your weekly chores there is lot which need to be done in a week, assign a block of time to tasks which can be done together.

4. Don’t go to Shop daily plan your shopping for groceries and necessary provision, say weekly give 20 -30 minutes for making your weekly shopping list.

5. Make use of delivery services, there are lot of online delivery services and delivery services available locally whenever possible make use of it, it saves a lot of time.

If you think there are ways to earn your extra time apply it 

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4 comments on “Living Daily 60 Minutes More
  1. Asif says:

    I have been following some of the rules you have mentioned. I have restricted the use of Social networking websites when I am working on PC. Checking emails just once and that too at noon when I am not much productive (emails don’t need much attention anyway).
    I save articles for later and read them in free time/ before going to sleep.
    While I am still in need of that 25th hour, I think I am pretty much productive than I was 5 years ago.
    Looking forward to read more on Healthy Bytes. Cheers!

    • ahsanheal says:

      Thanks..for your valuable comments..there can be a lot of ways in which we can do more in less time and put stopper on the time drainers but I am still trying to adapt to these rules on myself but with partial success.

  2. surkhab says:

    very informative….Thanks for sharing it with us…, Gonna to follow your rules 🙂

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