Setting Personal and Social Goals

GOAL“Where do you find yourself 5 years from now?” It was one of questions I faced during campus placement in the last year of graduation. “In 5 years, I see myself as a manager leading a team.” I answered with hesitation. What about goals of your life, personal goals? Social goals? and I was blown away.

The reason I couldn’t answer was result of narrow focus and one dimensional approach to life where knowledge, aptitude, skills progress, success, result, development, and performance are related only to the career and work. The reality is that our colleges prepare us only for workplace.

Are the work and career are only means to realize a larger personal end?

Our personal life consists of relationships, siblings, parents, friends, neighbors and many relatives and as the life advances our circles widens, in future we may also raise a family. But with people come more responsibilities, obligations, commitments, engagement and challenges.

These are aspects of our life which are substantial and meaningful and have profound influence over the lives of others in your life. These dimensions of your life deserve more respect than your career.

First step towards our personal and social growth would be for us to set personal and social goals.

Ask yourself, “What goals hold meaning for you?” Write down goals, for each and every dimension and sphere of life. Know your strengths, weaknesses, desires, values, opinion and attitudes to set your goals.

Goals do not have to be grand, too ambitious or fanciful. They just need to be clear, realistic and practical.

Remember to be flexible, adaptable and open-minded. Circumstances and situation may deviate you from your road and even make destination seem remote or inaccessible. Develop the pragmatism and flexibility, if you need to change get back or set yourself on another target.

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