A message from Keyboard

Whether you are using computers for few minutes or long hours you must pay attention to warnings like this one which I discovered on back of my Keyboard. Here I have tried to bring some points which can help you to work comfortably and productively. They can also be helpful in reducing risk of experiencing illness and health concerns


A typical Keyboard (back view)

A typical Keyboard (back view)

1. Adjust height of your chair so your feet and back are firmly supported by the floor and seat back. You should lean back in your chair a little.

2. Keep wrists straight while typing and using a mouse. Avoid bending of your wrists up and down, or to the sides.

3. The keyboard should usually be placed at a low height, near the height of elbows and the mouse should be right next to the keyboard.

4.  The monitor should be straight in front of you   and should be about an arm length away. If you need to frequently read from books or papers when using the computer, use a document holder next to the monitor. Avoid glare, adjust font size, brightness and contrast, clean screen regularly and if you wear glasses clean them too.

5. Make a Habit of taking short breaks usually on hourly basis to stand up and walk away from your computer on a regular basis. Just walk around for 2-3 minutes, stretch, and relax.

If you feel pain, tingling, numbness, swelling, burning, weakness, stiffness or cramping, in your hands, arms, wrists, neck, shoulders, or back, see a qualified health professional.

More info at Logitech and Microsoft

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