Let me introduce myself to you!


 I am Ahsan. I live in Delhi.

I have completed my Post graduate studies about a year ago.  I chose to build my career in Pharmaceuticals, so I am a Pharmacist by profession.

Currently I am working with a Pharmaceutical Manufacturer which manufactures pills, tablets, capsules injections, syrups, ointments and creams used in treatment of all sorts of ailments and diseases and it exports them to various countries. My job is to help them register their products in the countries (markets) in which it want to export; this comes under Regulatory Affairs in Pharmaceutical field, though it is just one of many things in Regulatory Affairs. Enough about work!

I am quite simple person; I like to read a lot when it comes to reading it can be anything from fiction to Peer Reviewed (Hard Core) Scientific Research Articles. I also like to go out, have solitary walks, company good friends and quality conversations. Last not to mention I am fan of Good Food.

As you will be aware by now my profession is to keep others healthy.  I have named my WordPress blog HealBytes. I am here to share my thoughts and share things that concerns Happiness and Health. I think there should be no boundaries to thoughts, so it can be simpler to highly technical but I will try to present them before you as simpler it could be.

I will be back soon with more!

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